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20.11.2016 Cordial Rascal Diamond "Tilda" passed KIVA koirakansalainen -test!

20.6.2016 We have moved from Turku to Naantali

7.10.2015 Happy Birthday 1 year old D-litter!

12.9.2015 Happy Birthday Pablo!

25.7.2015 Nefer is now FI CH!!

19.7.2015 Happy Birthday 1 year old C-litter!!

7.7.2015 Happy Birthday 4 years old A-litter!!

27.6.2015 Nefer was BOB and got CAC at dog show in Luige, Estonia
-> She is now EE CH!!

9.6.2015 Happy Birthday Nefer!

22.5.2015 Happy Birthday Raspingroast J-litter!

22.3.2015 "Helga" is now Latvian & Baltic Champion!

22.2.2015 "Helga" is now Lithuanian Champion!

15.2.2015 We have new EE CH!!
"Zorro" Cordial Rascal Avenged Sevenfold was BOB and got CAC & CACIB at Tallinn dog show so he is now Estonian Champion!

28.11.2014 Happy Birthday Xena!!

28.9.2014 We have new FI & EE CH!!
"Helga" EE JCH Cordial Rascal Brightest Star got CAC at Tallinn dog show so she is now Estonian and Finnish Champion!

16.8.2014 Happy Birthday B-litter!!

13.8.2014 Happy Birthday Nemesis!!

12.7.2014 Nemi is now Balt & LV CH & Ogre Winner-14!!
Huge congrats to Nemi and Susanna!

7.7.2014 Happy 3rd Birthday A-litter: Ama, Nemi, Mailis, Miisa, Zorro, Alfa & Pate!!

9.6.2014 Happy first Birthday "Nefer" Hestia Show-My-Dogs!!

24.5.2014 We have first Cordial Rascal Finnish champion!!!
"Nemi" Cordial Rascal Alice In Wonderland got CAC today at Järvenpää dog show and is now Finnish champion!
Thank you and huge congrats Nemi and Nemi's owner Susanna!!

23.5.2014 "Zeus" is now Lithuanian and Baltic champion!!
"Zeus" was BOB today at Moletai (Lithuania) international dog show.

22.5.2014 Happy Birthday Raspingroast J-litter!
Zeus, Roni, Mauno, Pancho, Tyyne, Cosmo and Milla are now 4 years!

19.5.2014 "Ama" is mated with "Patu"!

3.3.2014 "Tyyne" is ultrasounded empty, so no puppies coming.

4.2.2014 Raspingroast Joyful Sweetie "Tyyne" is now inseminated.
Father of this litter will be gorgeous Spanish boy Staffgold Peacewalker.
Thank You so much Isaac for letting us use Walker!

12.1.2014 What a great start to year 2014!
"Nemi" Cordial Rascal Alice In Wonderland is now EE & LT CH!!!

22.12.2013 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!
Little peek to our next year:
We have planned two litters for 2014!
First litter's dam will be "Tyyne" Raspingroast Joyful Sweetie.
Second litter's dam will be "Ama" Cordial Rascal Amaranth.
More news of these litters coming later to our puppy site.
Fingers crossed for both exciting litters!

30.11.2013 We have two brand new champions!!!
Cordial Rascal Amaranth "Ama" got her 3rd CAC from Estonia
-> Ama is now EE CH!!!
Cordial Rascal Brightest Star "Helga" got her 3rd JCAC from Estonia
-> Helga is now EE & LT JCH!!!

28.11.2013 Our little Xena is two years old!
Our sweetest, wildest and funniest girl is "adult" now... believe it or not! :)

16.9.2013 Zeus, Ama and Helga has been DNA tested for HC & L-2-HGA.
They are all clear!

12.9.2013 Neme has been ultrasounded twice -> No puppies coming.

18.8.2013 Our second import is here! Nefer is Xena's sister.
Thank You Katarzyna again for beautiful little babygirl!

16.8.2013 Happy 1st Birthday B-litter:
Helga, Loco, Macho & Poju!!

13.8.2013 Happy Birthday to our 6 years old Neme!

7.7.2013 Happy Birthday A-litter:
Ama, Nemi, Miisa, Mailis, Alfa, Pate & Zorro!!
A-litter is now 2 years old!

22.5.2013 Happy Birthday Raspingroast J-litter:
Zeus, Mauno, Roni, Pancho, Tyyne, Cosmo & Milla!!
They are now 3 years old.


11.4.2013 Zeus placed 2nd in "Staffie Of The Year 2012"-competition and was the best male!!

29.3.2013 Zeus is father! Lotta (Tricky Treet's Famous Footsteps) and Zeus got a beautiful princess today. Congratulations to kennel Raspingroast!

18.12.2012 What an Amazing Show Year we had!!!

Raspingroast Judgement Day "Zeus" has gained this year four national Champion titles from Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia and he is now International Champion too!
Zeus ended his show year getting "Swedish Winner 2012"-title!

Zeus' little sister Cordial Rascal Alice In Wonderland "Nemi"
has done amazing show career too!
Nemi has got two national Junior Champion titles from Estonia and Latvia!
Nemi has also won titles:
"Baltic Junior Winner 2012"
"Nordic Junior Winner 2012"
"Danish Junior Winner 2012"

So we have got 6 Champion titles + International Champion title and 4 Winner-titles in 2012!!!

Thanks to all Judges!

Thanks to all "Cordial Rascal"-dog owners!!

28.11.2012 Xena is 1 year old! Happy birthday to our little princess!

6.-7.11.2012 Now Nemi is Danish Junior Winner 2012 & Nordic Junior Winner 2012!!!
How amazing!!
Huge congrats to Nemi and her family!

27.10.2012 Day of sorrow.
"Chili" Cordial Rascal Born To Be Wild has gone way too soon.
Little-Chili died 27.10.
Bye bye Chili! We miss you!

13.10.2012 Nemi's success continues... Now she is also LV JCH!
Congratulations and Thank You again Nemi, Susanna and Mikko!!

18.8.2012 We have the first Cordial Rascal Winner & Champion!
Cordial Rascal Alice In Wonderland "Nemi" was today at "Baltic Winner 2012"-show in Tallinn, Estonia. She was BOS-Junior so she became BaltJW-12 & EE JCH!!!
We are so happy!!!

Congratulations and Thank You Nemi, Susanna and Mikko!!!

16.8.2012 B-litter born today!!

13.8.2012 Happy Birthday Nemesis! Neme is now 5 years old!

26.7.2012 Xena was at Match Show in Kupittaa, Turku today. She got red ribbon and was placed 4th of small puppies.

12.7.2012 Nemesis was ultrasounded today and she is pregnant!

7.7.-8.7.2012 We had fantastic show weekend in Luige, Estonia!!

7.7. Zeus was BOB and got CAC -> Zeus is Estonian Champion!!
Zeus was also BIG-2!!!
Nemi placed BB-2 and Zeus' sister Tyyne BB-4.

8.7. Zeus was BOB and Nemi BOS!!! Wuhuu!
Nemi was also BOB-Junior and got her second Jun-CAC!
Zeus was BIG-4!!!
Tyyne was BB-3 and got CAC -> Tyyne is Estonian and Latvian Champion!!

Congrats Nemi & Tyyne and their owners! We are sooo happy for Nemi's and Tyyne's success.
Congrats to our Zeus too!

7.7.2012 A-litter is today 1 year old!
Happy Birthday Miisa, Mailis, Nemi, Ama, Pate, Zorro and Alfa!!

14.-15.6.2012 Nemesis is mated with handsome Jackie!

9.6.2012 Zeus is now also Latvian Champion!! And 10.6. Zeus' sister Tyyne got CAC in Riga too! Congrats Tyyne and Zeus!

3.6.2012 Nemi was BOB-junior in Tallinn and got JCAC! Congratulations Nemi!

28.5.2012 Zeus is now Finnish Champion!!

22.5.2012 Zeus is today 2 years old. Happy Birthday to Zeus and all Raspingroast J-litter!

8.3.2012 Zeus was placed 3rd in "Staffie of The Year 2011" -competition!!!!

26.2.2012 Nemi from A-litter was today at her first puppy show and she was BOB-puppy!! Congratulations to Nemi and her family!

25.2.2012 Our first import arrived today from Poland! Welcome home Xena!!

4.12.2011 What a great end of the show year 2011!!
"Zeus" Raspingroast Judgement Day got today the title "Finnish Winner 2011"!!!
In 2011 Zeus was 6 times Best Of Breed, got 4 CACIBs and 8 Certificates.
At Tartu international dog show Zeus was also Best Of Terrier Group (FCI3).
And don't forget the great start of the show year in the puppy shows...

12.11.2011 A-litter's sire "Diesel" (Elite Staff Dark Diesel) completed the title of
Norwegian Champion! Congratulations Diesel!!

19.9.2011 Now kennel Cordial Rascal is also on facebook.

21.8.2011 Nemesis' beautiful daughter "Tyyne" Raspingroast Joyful Sweetie completed the title of Estonian Junior Champion! Congratulations Tyyne!!

13.8.2011 Nemesis has today her 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Neme!!

7.7.2011 Cordial Rascal A-litter born today, 3 boys & 4 girls!

1.6.2011 Today's ultrasound confirmed that Neme is pregnant!

22.5.2011 Neme's Raspingroast J-litter today 1-year old. Happy birthday to our Zeus and all his litter mates!

8.5.2011 Nemesis is mated with a handsome young male Elite Staff Dark Diesel "Diesel" on 4.-5.5.2011.